At Fluye we create designs for our clients using creativity to bring value to the projects. We help our clients to stand out from the crowd, achieve their aims and strengthen ties with users.

Fluye was created in 2010 by Paola Cerdá and Berta Recalatá (design engineers) and we look for perfection in all our designs and respect from companies and consumers.

  • Premio INJUVE de Diseño 2010
  • Finalista Premios Delta 2016
  • Premio INJUVE de Diseño 2010
  • Finalista Premios Delta 2016

The Fluye's method

In order to achieve successful projects, we apply the three-step method, following each one from start to finish, beginning with the initial definition of objects and ending with the execution of the design. We work from the conceptualisation to the moment of marketing because the success of a project depends on its correct development and clear definition of the objects. These are the steps we take:

Fluye: Investigación

1. Investigation

It is essential in order to focus on the aims and prevent future problems from arising. We compile the attributes that define the design. 

Fluye: Propuesta

2. Proposal

We create, develop models and run tests until we decide, along with the company, which is the optimal design. 

Fluye: Detalle

3. Detail

We finish the project to the finest detail, getting the necessary paperwork and supervision for its complete execution.

What can we help you with?

If one of these cases applies to you, do not hesitate to contact our team or leave your details. We handle that for you.

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